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Because I want some record of this

Seth McConaughey by :iconairpiratealy:
Anderson James by me
Crack origin. Originally from the Sitcom universe.
Spawned 1920s, and WW2 AUs.
Jovi James McConaughey.

Kei Kahele by :iconorionstorm:
Atkanah Redstone by me
Originally from Dulcedomum.
Healani, Nanook, Lihau, Nauja, Kaleo, Kalei, Momi and Siku Kahele.

Francis Sebastian Thames by :iconmizz-mizzy:
Diana Ulyma Irwin by me
Originally a spinoff from DR.
Spawned an if-Francis-had-left, and a non-demigod AU.
A little girl named either Cassandra or Juno (as of yet, undecided).

Dillan "Dill" Jefferson by :iconpaulagirl93:
Edlen Ariadne Walt by me
Originally Dulcedomum
Chrysanthemum "Chrys" Elliot, Geranium "Gerry" Adrian and Cayenne "Cay" Brooke Jefferson.

Fred An by :iconorionstorm:
Esperanza "Anza" Lozano by me
Originally from DR.
Dulce AU, AU where Anza dies.
One canon adopted child, Dhara Bhandari. Two AU children, Jae and Itzel An.

Louis Parker by :iconorionstorm:
Jordan Barnes by me
Originally from DR.
Dulce AU, AU where Jordan enlists in the army.
One canon daughter, Lexi Louisa Parker

Connor Katsurou by :iconallybebe:
Julissa Moore by me
Crack origin. Originally from DR.
No AUs. (Is an AU, rather)
Ended because of Connor's death.
Kelsi Moore, who Connor never got to meet.

Deshi Ivan Reed by :iconnisassa:
Karma Han by me
Originally from Capital City Jingdou
Spawned an EGG AU
In a spinoff from their original Jingdou canon, they have 3 planned sons, unnamed for now. The eldest two are airbenders, the youngest is a firebender. Due to injuries sustained while fending off attackers to their family, Karma loses the ability to have children after this.
Tobias "Toby" Jiang Reed  and Bryan Zhou Reed

Robert Joseph Tyler by :iconairpiratealy:
Kimberlynn "Kim" Baker by me
Originally from Sitcom universe
Spawned American Frontier, High school/College, Fantasy, Country, Stranded-in-an-island, Genderbent, and If-they-hadn't-lost-the-baby AUs, other than the somewhat AU distinction of having them young while in the relationship and then present sitcom time, 12 years later. In the Dulcedomum AU, Tyler is a Wizard, Kim is his Guardian.
Miscarried their baby, which leads to their eventual separation. Somewhat hold Ami Baker, Kim's adopted daughter, as their mutual child because of a misunderstanding/miscommunication. In the if-they-hadn't-lost-the-baby AU, the boy's name is Kyle, and they have another boy, Ethan, and a girl named Lillah, much younger than her brothers.

Sheng Li 'Saffron' Hou :iconallybebe:
Lieu 'Lioh' Hou by me
Originally both from AG, but not as a pairing. Revamped as a pairing for Dulce.
Dulcedomum is an AU. Saffron is a Wizard, Lioh his Guardian.
Nhat, Shui (deceased), and Wei Hou. Adopted daughter, Kaida Yamasaki.

Ace Carter by :iconnisassa:
Loren Alfaro by me
Originally from DR
Spawned an if-she'd-died-after-separating AU, an -if-she'd-actually-gotten-pregnant AU and the loosely held canon where they come back together as loosely held friends after separating for a couple of years. Current ongoing AU is the Dulcedomum AU, where Loren is a Wizard and Ace is her Guardian.
No children in their 'canon', which causes frictions between them, after she gets an ectopic pregnancy that, after being dealt with, leaves her unable to get pregnant.
At least one boy in the other canon, Anthony "Tony" Carter Alfaro. Anthony is a Guardian in the Dulcedomum AU.

Nicholas by :iconairpiratealy:
Ricardo "Rick" Goya by me
Originally from sitcom
Nick has a daughter, Sidney, who Rick later adopts.

Robin Phipps by :iconmarmarlade:
Eneis Walker by me
Originally from DR.
Ended because of disagreements between them and Eneis's worry about Robin's wellbeing, as they were being attacked by monsters he couldn't defeat and her life kept being at risk. He couldn't handle the pressure of her life being in his hands all the time.
No children.

Rosemary Walker by :iconorionstorm:
Emmett Wilkins by me
Originally from Dulcedomum.
Jacaranda, Pine, Cedar, Magnolia, Willow, Sequoia, Palm, Oleander, Ash, and Oak Wilkins.

Lien Yen by me
Ryo by :iconorionstorm:
Originally for an unused Jingdou reboot universe.
Present day, Dulcedomum AUs; Lien is a wizard, Ryo is her Guardian.
Jun, Shiro, Kimi Yen.


Bianca by :iconallybebe:
Sabastian by me
Originally from Gijinka universe
No AUs
No children


David "Davy" O'Malley by :iconnisassa:
Shaula Star Rats by me
Originally from EGG universe
No AUs
3 children
, all girls (only one named so far is the oldest, Lisa.) AU children, Nibal 

Aaron Davis by :iconorionstorm:
Suzanne Lee by me
Originally Zombie universe
Spawned the Sitcom AU version, a high school AU, as well as the 50s AU.
Twin boys, Oliver 'Ollie' and Eugene 'Genie', and twin girls, Louise and Charlotte Davis. 

Thyme Matthews by :iconorionstorm:
Eneis Walker by me
Originally DR universe
Spawned the Medieval, Genderbent, Country, High School, Pirate, Pokemon, Pacific Rim and Dulcedomum AUs. In Dulce, Thyme is a Wizard and Eneis her Guardian
Basil, Rosemary, Pepper and Kale Walker. Dulce AU children: Terragon, Ginger, Paprika, Lavender, Sage, Rue, Rye, Juniper, Clover, Fern, Olive, Poppy, Mint and Sorrel Walker.

Tucker Wallace :iconnisassa:
Emily Linzel Lansky by me
Originally from EGG
Jingdou, Sitcom, Pacific Rim AUs, as well as a EGG AU in which they're guides and Dulcedomum AU. In the Dulce AU, Emily is a Wizard and Tucker is her Guardian.
Ongoing, though with difficulties because of personal differences in parenting methods.
Evan, Jeanne, Lorenzo and Carlos Wallace.


Patricia and Lloyd
Lloyd McTiger by :iconguruguruboo:
Patricia "Trisha" Zavala Zapata by me
Originally from Dulcedomum.
No AUs.
No children.

If I'm missing any details or pairings, tell me and I'll add them.
Just a journal of characters and the voices I think they have. For future reference.

Anderson James: Mila Kunis 
Atkanah Tikaani: Tia Carrere

Blaise Redstone: Jason Biggs 

Diana Ulyma Irwin: Chandra Wilson 


Emily Linzel Lansky: Yael Stone 

Eneis Walker: Joseph Gordon Levitt 
Esperanza "Anza" Lozano: Diane Guerrero 

Isobel Warren: Liza Weil  

Jordan Barnes: Laura Prepon 

Julissa Moore (Adult): Adrianne C. Moore 

Kanthaleen "Kanthi" Outland: Samira Wiley 

Karma Han: Constance Wu 

Lieu "Lioh" Hou: Sandra Oh  

Nibal David Stanbury (Adult): Kevin McKidd 
Nicholas "Nick": Colin Meloy 

Patricia Zavala Zapata: Elizabeth Rodriguez

Ricardo "Rick" Goya: Matt McGorry 

Scarlett O'Neil: Danielle Brooks
Seth Mcconaughey: Corey Taylor 
Shaula Salette Stanbury: Saffron Henderson 
Thyme Matthews: Zooey Deschanel 
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Dulcedomum - Scarlett O'Neil 2.0 by ShadowsAndLight
Dulcedomum - Scarlett O'Neil 2.0
Name: Scarlett O’Neil
Gender: female
Height/Weight: 5’8 / 185 lbs
Age: 26 4/2/2007 (Fifth generation)
Weapon: Double ended staff
Nationality: American
Wizard Parent:  Lewis O’Neil (Fourth generation. Born 1842)
He met his wife in 1864, a former slave working as a nurse for the black troops in the Union during the American Civil War. Although she initially didn’t pay him much heed, he was attracted to her fiery spirit and no-nonsense personality, as well as her fierce determination. It took a while for her to warm up to him, even after the war was over, but eventually they found common ground and decided to live together in a time when their marriage would’ve been a crime. They proceeded to have trouble conceiving children until centuries later, when medical advances and social reforms allowed them to use fertility treatments. Presently, he works as a tailor. His wife, Abigail, works as a medical aid in a small clinic next door.

Patron Information

[Base Element] Earth
[First Patron]
Name: Rhettrothim “Rhett”…
A fairly young spirit with only a few decades of age, Rhett has a calm nature. He prefers looking at things from a safe distance as he makes up his mind about how to react to any particular situation. However, once he makes up his mind, he will jump to action with a fierce determination. He’s quite stubborn and hard headed and is very biased towards Scarlett, since he adores her. He enjoys hanging from Scarlett’s braids like they’re spiderwebs and is actually so light, Scarlett sometimes forgets he’s there.

Ability 1
Rock your body

Lvl 1: Upon contact with her staff, the affected area becomes covered in heavy, tightly packed dirt, hindering movement and slowing the target down. Dirt crumbles away if enough force is applied or after 20 minutes. Can only do it twice a day before needing full rest.

Lvl2: Upon contact with her staff, the affected area becomes covered in heavy stone, hindering movement, slowing and weighing the target down. Stone can be removed by blunt force but will cause heavy damage in the process, as it’s perfectly molded and attached to the affected flesh. She can undo the effects, but the ability will have been spent; it will start crumbling on its own after 30 minutes. Can only do it three times a day before needing full rest.

Lvl 3: Upon contact with her staff, the affected area becomes stone and is completely unable to move or feel, hindering movement, slowing and weighing the target down. Petrification cannot be reversed by anyone other than herself. She can undo the effects, but the ability will have been spent; the affected area returns to normal after 40 minutes. Can only do it four times a day before needing full rest. Cracks made while in stone form will reflect as cuts in the flesh once the effect passes.


Personal Information

Very confident and self-assured, Scarlett has a strong self of determination that is hard to rival. When she puts her mind to something, she makes sure she achieves it no matter what. She likes learning new things, whether it’s a fighting move, a painting technique or a piece of personal information. She enjoys people and is generally open and friendly, but also acknowledges that sometimes some me-time is needed and appreciates those times of solitude. However, if you get in her bad side, she is very stubborn and holds grudges and bitterness for a long time. She’s not above hurting those she feels deserve it, even if she has to hurt herself in the process.

Scarlett was born to a wizard and guardian pair. Since her older sister Dorothy, born a decade prior, had proved to be very adept as a light wizard from a young age, Scarlett’s parents expected great things for her as well. They worked hard to train her as physically skillful as possible for self-defense on those magic-less years until she could get herself a spirit. However, much to her parents’ disappointment, the spirits showed no interest in Scarlett

One day her father decided to step in her aid, and attempted to help form a part by taking her to an area laden with spirits. Now with more direct exposure to the spirits, she wasn’t ignored anymore. Instead, she was rejected repeatedly and told that her magical abilities were far too weak for any spirit in the vicinity to pact with her. Hurt and humiliated, Scarlett decided from that moment that she’d wasted enough of her time trying to impress someone who was clearly not going to give her a chance and resolved to instead try to live a normal life from then on.

During this time, her relationship with her family, especially her sister, strained heavily as Dorothy came back after her training at Dulcedomum. It seemed to Scarlett all both their parents could ever think about was Dorothy and her safety, Dorothy and her spirits, Dorothy and her powers. Despite knowing that they had the best of intentions and were trying to advice and prepare their eldest daughter for the persecuted life of a wizard, Scarlett couldn’t help but feel resentment and bitterness towards her sister.

She finished high school and went to college, majoring in fine arts, where she enjoyed herself. When she graduated, she moved out of the family home to focus not only in art production, but also in nude modeling, which she’d taken up during her college years. One night, she came home to find a man she’d worked with before waiting for her in front of her apartment. He tried to keep small talk and asked her out, refusing to answer just how he’d acquired her address. When Scarlett’s reactions to his attentions weren’t satisfactory, he turned loud and started screaming at her and insulting her. Scarlett demanded he leave or she’d call the authorities, but he responded by attempting to push her against the wall. Without missing a beat, Scarlett grabbed him by the arm, threw him against the ground and pulled it back while stepping on it, dislocating his shoulder and fracturing the bone in the process. She then called the police and held him in the position until they came to arrest him.

After the commotion, Scarlett was approached by a small earth spirit, who had watched the scene from under a nearby tree. He admired her bravery for standing her ground, her strength for subduing her attacker and her calmness while dealing with the whole situation and offered her a pact, as a guardian. She was surprised, never having thought a spirit would willingly approach her, but it took a good few days of thinking things through before she accepted the offer.

Misc Info: (Anything else that didn't fit in before.)
-Hasn’t spoken to or gotten along with her sister Dorothy – who she calls Dory - for close to a decade.
-Has visited Dulcedomum in her childhood, because of her wizard/guardian family, though she isn’t as good at remembering the people in the house and names as she’d like to be – there’s so many of them.
-Aristar is ‘Grandaddy’, Johan is ‘Grandmama’.
-Casual social smoker.

I really hate this this fullbody.
Dulcedomum - Kanthaleen Outland 2.0 by ShadowsAndLight
Dulcedomum - Kanthaleen Outland 2.0

Name: Kanthaleen “Kanthi” Outland
Gender: Female
Height/Weight:  6’3/170lbs
Age: 22 years old, Birthday is 17/08/2011 (August 17th 2011)
Nationality: American

Weapon: Pocket knife

Patron Information

[Base Element] Water
[First Patron]
Name: Lua

A kitten in every sense of the word, Lua is playful and as fluid as the element that birthed her. She doesn’t like being held by anyone – even by Kanthi – unless their hands are busy and they are otherwise preoccupied, in which case she wants to be carried and petted. She’s playful and active, like the child she is, and enjoys the attention that she gets for being so young. She tends to not be able to sit still for very long, and even when she has to stay in one place, you’ll find her pacing around rather than sitting.

Element: Water

Ability 1 [Offense]

Ice, ice, blade-y

A thick layer of ice coats the blade of Kanthaleen’s pocket knife, extending it into a longer weapon. Due to Lua’s intervention, the blade is more resistant than conventional ice, though not indestructible. Whatever chips off the blade can still be used to cause damage for a few minutes, after which it will melt like normal ice.

Lvl1: Ice rapier
The blade can be summoned for up to a couple of hours or until its destruction before needing a 12 hour rest to be re-summoned. Shards melt after a minute.

Lvl2: Ice one and a half hand sword
The blade can be summoned for up to a couple of hours or until its destruction before needing a 6 hour rest to be re-summoned. Shards melt after 5 minutes.

Lvl3: Ice claymore
The blade can be summoned for up to a couple of hours or until its destruction before needing a 3 hour rest to be re-summoned. Shards melt after 30 minutes.


Personal Information

Kanthi enjoys being the life of the party, in every sense of the word. A lively and friendly person, she is pretty much a textbook extrovert, enjoying being surrounded by people in almost any type of situation. She is excessively friendly and will try to get along with pretty much anyone, getting to be a little loud on occasion without realizing so. She’s a bit touchy feely, in the sense that she will reach out and touch your arm or grip your shoulder, give you a pat in the back or slap the back of your head as she deems fit. If you have issues with personal space, you might have to tell her because she will most likely not catch on that not everyone is comfortable with such behavior. Though she doesn’t fear being alone, she would rather be with other people and is seldom in isolated places; she tends to get bored easily if left to her own devices, which will make her search out other people so she can at least be in their presence. Ever since getting her patron, she doesn’t need to be with others quite as much, since she is never really alone because of Lua. When angered, Kanthaleen becomes mouthy and defensive and doesn’t think twice before becoming physical. Usually, her height keeps her pretty safe from anyone actually trying to battle her, but she’s not the type to let her relative combat inexperience keep her from coming to fists. However, should a voice of reason jump into the fray, Kanthi will back down and let more peaceful means end the argument, since she’s not a violent person by nature.

 Kanthaleen is the youngest of four girls and certainly the most extroverted of the bunch. From a very supportive, middle class family, Kanthi was always surrounded by people and she was positively reinforced into doing what she wanted and what she was good at, which led to her very extroverted and loud personality. In high school, she was part of the swim team and she took summer jobs at the local YMCA pool as a life guard. She started drinking and going out to parties in high school, gaining fondness for the energy of the party scene really quick. Once she graduated from high school, she flitted from job to job, reluctant to go to college just yet and spending every weekend finding parties and going to clubs. A year off turned to two turned to three and she continued to put off going to college, quite happy with her life as it was.

During a boat party, little after she turned 21, Kanthi had had a few drinks when she noticed a girl stumbling a little too close to the edge of the water. When the girl lost her footing and fell into the waters, Kanthaleen screamed in order to catch other people’s attention and try to get help for her. They threw a lifesaver at the girl overboard but she was too intoxicated to figure out what was going on and to be able to grab a hold of it, so Kanthi took matters into her own hands and jumped in after her, despite having alcohol in her system as well. Using her prior experience and training as both a member of the swim team and a lifesaver, she managed to get the girl and swim to the surface, fighting against the river current,  to hold onto the lifesaver long enough so they could both be pulled back on the boat. Once on the boat, she performed cpr on the unconscious girl and made sure she was awake and ok,  while the paramedics arrived to the scene. And when the girl was mocked by other partygoers, making fun of her ‘lack of self control’, ruined make up and generally unkempt appearance, Kanthaleen defended her, threatening the males in question until they dropped it.  

After being examined by the paramedics, Kanthi decided to call it a night and called for one of her sisters to pick her up. As she waited for her sister to show up, a curious little critter approached her, a kitten with light blue fur. At first Kanthi just assumed the poor cat had been caught by a prankster or obsessive owner, being so close to Halloween, and groomed to this unnatural look. That is, until she noticed it had two tails and could talk. Then she assumed that the alcohol and strain of having saved someone’s life was at fault and maybe she swallowed mind altering parasites in the water that were rotting her brain. The kitten – a water patron named Lua – explained the situation and that she wasn’t going to die, but rather that she’d been pretty impressed with Kanthi’s selfless, brave actions a few moment before and decided to approach her. She explained the advantages and duties of a Guardian and proposed a pact. Kanthaleen, still half believing the small feline a figment of her exhausted mind, kept asking the patron a few questions while her ride arrived. The fact that her sister didn’t seem to notice the double tailed blue cat when she finally arrived helped to further convince  Kanthi that she was just seeing things.

However, much to her surprise, Lua was still there the next morning, toying with her discarded socks from the night before. Once she figured out that the whole hallucination wasn’t a hallucination after all, she really put some thought into it and decided to indeed make a pact with the small feline.

Roleplay Paragraph Sample: (Two paragraphs miminal required.)

Although the Kanthaleen had managed to make her sit up, the poor  girl was silent and motionless save for an uncontrolled trebling of her limbs from the cold river waters, hugging her legs to her chest to try and save body heat and try to keep some form of composure, as her clothes were sticking to her body. Kanthi was not any better, just as dripping wet as the girl she’d rescued but with the advantage that her clothes were already so formfitting that the water couldn’t very well affect their fit. She wanted to get inside, but she didn’t want to leave the girl alone and it probably wasn’t the best idea to move her just yet. Instead, she turned to one of the guys that were hanging around, a geeky looking fellow with a jacket and a bowtie.


“Hey, hipster,” she spoke, throwing an arm around the trembling girl and rubbing her back, trying to give her some warmth. “Lend me your jacket for a sec? I can think of at least one person who needs it more than you.” He looked like he was about to protest but thought better of it, putting his red cup down long enough to remove his sports jacket and hand it over. He was wearing bright red suspenders underneath. She took the garment thankfully. “Thanks, boo.” However, instead of draping it around her own shoulders, she proceeded to throw it around the smaller girl’s frame. The blonde looked up, reaching up to get some hair out of her face and hold the jacket closer around herself. When she spoke up, her voice was small, slurred and mumbled between clattering teeth. “Thanks…” “Don’t mention it.”


Kanthaleen shrugged. Just about the same time, she heard snickers somewhere to her right and she turned to see who was laughing. Two guys – one of them, the fedora wearing kind – seemed to be having fun at their expense, jeering at the soaked, exhausted girls. In the hubbub of the people around them, Kanthi couldn’t manage to make out just what exactly they were saying, but she didn’t miss the hand gestures that accompanied them. It became obvious really quickly that she wouldn’t have liked what they were talking about.  With her free arm, Kanthi reached into her shirt, grabbing at the item that was held in her bra. Some girls carried their cellphones there, or maybe money and IDs; Kanthi carried a decently sized pocket knife. She flipped it open with a flick of her wrist and held it up towards the offending males. “Hey,” her voice was loud enough to reach the pair, who turned to acknowledge her exclamation with surprised expressions on their faces. “Shut your fucking face or we’re not the only ones the paramedics are going to need to look over.”



Dulcedomum - Atkanah Kahele 2.0 by ShadowsAndLight
Dulcedomum - Atkanah Kahele 2.0

Name: Atkanah Kahele
Gender: Female
Height/Weight: 5’4 / 160lbs
Age: 250 (Birth: 12/16/1783)
Nationality: (Technically) Canadian.
Wizard Parent: Aimee Redstone (1st generation)
Child of Aimee Redstone, the most flightly of the first generation wizards. Aimee has traveled the world and one of those travels just happened to take her far into the corners of North America and into the land of the Inuit, where she spent some time living among the nomads. She especially hit it off with a young man named Nunataq and it wasn’t long until she found herself with child. Shortly after her birth, Aimee dropped Atkanah off in Dulcedomum and continued off with her travels. Atkanah has since then been raised by her grandparents, Johan and Aristar, and stayed at the house.

Guardian: Melton

Spirit Information

[Base Element]

[First Spirit]



A baby spirit she found in a polluted stream, Atkanah found herself being followed by Awa once her clean-up efforts culminated in more water spirits returning to the once abandoned body of water. She took to her right away and accepted a pact with her. She gets along very well with Atkanah’s second pacted spirit, Mu, as they both have very childish personalities.


Awa allows Atkanah to hold water as if it were a malleable solid, letting her shape it before freezing it up in whatever form she desires.


[Second Spirit]



A lighthearted, silly spirit with the heart of a kid, Mu is a very childish and sweet spirit that always has a positive attitude and lots of enthusiasm to go around. He took a shining to Atkanah because she proved herself a very selfless person, always taking risks and doing sacrifices so the people around them could be safe and healthy. He is often one of those that asks her to take care of herself, though he is very easily distracted and sidetracked. He also loves to play with children and is an excellent babysitter and playmate.

Mu allows Atkanah a healing touch: any physical wound she can put her hands on, directly or indirectly (for internal organ and bone damage) will be healed.

 [Third Spirit]


A very serious spirit, Hazarmaveth took the form of a skeleton that hung in the rooms of a prestigious medical university during a good portion of the 1800s. Atkanah managed to catch his eye by simply attending to class: the spirit had never seen a woman try to learn medicine in its many years of having seen students come and go. Her attendance started suffering with the constant bullying of her peers towards her and her homesickness. When she finally dropped out, he followed her into Dulcedomum and finally revealed himself as a spirit and offered a pact on one condition: that she never quit on furthering her knowledge on medicine. He saw potential in her that many other students in the university had lacked and he’d hate to see it all go to waste.


Hazarmaveth allows Atkanah to have an enhanced vision (not unlike x-rays) that lets her see where and how serious injuries are, especially if they’re under the skin. It also lets her see where sickness is affecting the body, so she can know where and how to heal.


[Fourth Spirit]


An exceptionally hard spirit to see, as it takes the form of leaves and feathers floating in a wind current, Atkanah pacted with Echo purely by accident. During one of her ventures to the outside of the house with Melton, she’d been in such a good mood she started humming a song that matched the howling and whistling of the wind in the woods. The wind spirit had been the one to make the tune and took to Atka when she continued the music it started and pacted with her on the spot. Atkanah is the only one that can understand what it says and it is otherwise mute save for the howling and whistling of a wind current.


Echo allows Atkanah power over her voice: her singing or humming serves as a tranquilizer and anesthetic.


[Fifth Spirit]


Found while hunting for a specific medicinal herb, she was picked up by one of the house children at the time and given to Atkanah as a gift. Because it was a spirit and not a regular flower, however, it reacted with outrage that it had been uprooted and nearly killed. As an apology, Atkanah offered a pot with fresh water, nutritious soil and lots of light. Pleased with the arrangement, the spirit offered a pact as a way of thanks.


Anthea’s spell causes long vines to come out from Atkanah’s skin on her arms, allowing her to use them as a form of extended limbs.


[Sixth Spirit]


A troublemaker, Makinzi is a childish spirit who enjoys spending time with children and amusing people. Atkanah found the spirit one day while taking a walk with her newborn daughter, Healani, who was crying at the time. Attracted to the wizard because of the wailing, the fire spirit proceeded to make sounds and faces at the baby until it stopped crying. Atkanah thanked it for its efforts and talked to the spirit as she walked back home. Hearing that the place where she lived was packed full of other children like this one and many more people to entertain, Makinzi asked to be taken with and offered a pact to ensure she wouldn’t be left behind no matter what.


Makinzi’s spell gives Atkanah a powerful electric shock, which she uses as a defibrillator.


Personal Information

A quiet and softspoken person, Atkanah takes her job as a healer very seriously. However, she’s a bad judge of when hard work turns into overworking herself to the bone and often forgets to eat or skips out on sleep if that means she can spend more time with the people under her care or working on a way to make them feel better. She has extensive knowledge on different types of medicine practices and will give everything a try before ever considering throwing in the towel, which isn’t an option in her book. If she has one big flaw it’s that she’s stubborn and her priorities are skewed, often leaving herself out of the equation. She is, however, very selfless and caring and will always try to help out when there is a problem, medical or otherwise.

Atkanah was born in the Canadian tundra, but was raised inside the halls of Dulcedomum after her mother – much as she’d done with her other children before her – left her in her grandparents’ care. She always liked looking after those that were sick and tired and would often play doctor with her cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents – whoever was available would become a patient, treated with medical concoctions made with mud and leaves from the farm and sand and water from the hot springs. As she grew older, she seemed to have an aptitude for potionmaking as much as she did for medicine.

She enrolled in medical school – quite a difficult feat for a woman during the late 1800s. She dropped out soon after since the environment was hostile and she couldn’t get used to the idea of being so far away from the house for long, but it was during this period of time she met her first guardian, with whom she formed a strong emotional connection with. However, he was killed during an outing to the city, leaving Atkanah with child and refusing to leave the house for decades. This became a point of conflict between her and her daughter, who wasn’t allowed to leave, either.

It wasn’t until many years later, in the 1960s, that she met her current guardian, Melton. He was asked to accompany on her first venture out of the house in years and continued to escort her in subsequent excursions to the outside. In these endeavors, they got to know one another better and soon grew fond of one another, pacting as wizard and guardian a few years after they met. About a decade later, she met the guardian Kei Kahele, during a house excursion to Hawaii, where he was dragged into the house after becoming a standby casualty of an encounter between hostile spirits and the house wizards. Atkanah overlooked his recovery, and got to know him better in the subsequent months, as he decided to stick around the house.

 They have since married and had over half a dozen children together. They are expecting another one soon.

These days, Atkanah spends most of her waking time split between the waterwing, where she teaches potionmaking to her younger relatives, and the light wing, where she cares for the sick and injured in the healing room. She helps look after the orphans and other children that live at the house, especially her siblings, along with her grandparents.

Misc Info:

-Having grown without Aimee as a motherly figure in her life, around the same time as Nora, Jim, Prewitt and Terelle, she took her grandparents as her parental figures instead and calls Aristar and Johan Papa and Mama, respectively. She treats their children as if they were her own siblings – with a few pointed exceptions such as Artus. Her relationship with Aimee is complicated and rather strained.

-Being in charge of healing, her sheet shows two light spirits instead of one, since they are relevant to the abilities she displays on a day to day basis. She has actually pacted with a lot more spirits, whose pact marks remain dormant, as is such with most masters.



Anaaya (1888)

Healani (1986)

Nanook (1995)

Lihau (2006)

Nauja (2013)

Kalei and Kaleo (2014)

Momi (2019) [spirit born]



and I decided to sent them out instead of throwing them away. If you're un/fortunate enough to get one of them, don't reply to that address. I've moved twice since that address.


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