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Dulce - Beach, please by ShadowsAndLight
Dulce - Beach, please
This stupid picture took 3 months to get finished because I just continued to add NPCs that aren't even in the club.

Patricia - wind guardian
Atkanah: Light wizard
Nibal - currently a regular human
Scarlett: earth guardian
Julissa: earth wizard
Kelsi: currently regular human (Redstone)
Emily: wind wizard
Blaise: fire wizard
Loren: light wizard
Kanthi: water guardian

Paying with: Nothing, chat challenges are free, even if they're late as hell (sorry)
Asking for: Golden egg, Spirit Token, Tomato, Fresh cheese, or Demon Lipgloss.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, could things go to Kanthi, please?
Dulce - In loving memory by ShadowsAndLight
Dulce - In loving memory
I am ridiculously proud of how this turned out, no joke.
I did everything by hand, too. No textures or anything.

Dulcedomum - Healing Room by ShadowsAndLight
Dulcedomum - Healing Room

What started as Atkanah’s room, many many years ago, was turned into the healing room by the passing of time and the growing need for a place to treat ailments and wounds. Presently, the room has 4 beds, with chairs and a sofa to accommodate for visitors. It also serves as Atkanah’s personal office, with medical records of every Redstone and guardian who has ever visited her for any sort of care.

Atkanah grows her own medical plants for potions, teas, oils and other concoctions, to avoid the trek to the farm were they to be grown in the earth wing. There is even a storage closet where supplies – such as wheelchairs, crutches and spare cribs -, medical or otherwise, are kept.

Dulcedomum - Julissa Redstone by ShadowsAndLight
Dulcedomum - Julissa Redstone

One of the current Earth Wizard Instructors,
Aids Rapheal in teaching new potentials with an Earth Spirit
Also assists in the Sinharaja

Julissa Redstone
Gender: Female
Height/Weight: 6’ 220lbs
Age: 412 (Feb/9/1621)
Wizard Parent:

Fredric Redstone (3rd generation)

A non-wizard, born of a one-night stand his father had in his youth, he felt rather ostracized and left out of family affairs because of his lack of magic. He left the house as soon as he became of age and built his life outside of Dulcedomum, having a son and daughter. His wife, sadly, passed away shortly after Julissa’s birth from a childbirth related infection, and he raised his kids mostly on his own. However, he fell ill when his children were still very young and passed away suddenly, leaving them vulnerable and alone.


Guardian: Connor Katsuro


Spirit Information

[Base Element]

[First Spirit]

An ancient earth spirit who was rumored to have stopped a war by growing a forest around the attacking armies, was a creature of legend that hardly anyone believed in. However, Juli met her when she decided to explore the so called enchanted forest and she stumbled upon the golem almost accidentally. Because this was the first wizard that the spirit ever encountered – as none had dared to venture in even before the days of the plague – the spirit moved for the first centuries, following her around mutely. After observing the girl for days, she deemed her worthy and offered a pact. She doesn’t speak but she’s an excellent listener and Julissa can have very animated conversations with her despite her apparent silence.


Ailidth allows Julissa to create moving statues – golems - out of out of earthen materials with a touch. They are not really living creatures, however, and will eventually stop moving and sometimes collapse (depending on their construction.)


[Second Spirit]



 proud and vain spirit who only accepts wizards who she deems beautiful enough to be worn by. She fell in love with the shade of Julissa’s skin and asked for a pact immediately after being bought by Raphael – who was deemed unworthy - as a gift for his granddaughter.


Dima allows Julissa So set things on fire by touching them, or having anything she has touched be able to burst into flames.

[Third Spirit]



A hectic spirit found during a heavy thunderstorm, Julissa caught Deandra’s eye by running and dancing through the rain. She hadn’t encountered one happy creature after days of endless downpour and Julissa, tired of being cooped up, had given up on the hope that it’d stop raining soon and just gone out anyways despite her brother’s protests. Happy to find a kindred spirit – one who could see the beauty in chaos – she decided to approach the wizard for a pact.


Deandra’s powers give Julissa incredible speed by minimizing air resistance and boosting her steps with gusts of wind.

[Fourth Spirit]



A family heirloom and the last of the riches of an old woman who lived in the Siberian tundra, Grigory was a gift from a kind elderly who Julissa helped do some home repairs after an especially bad snowstorm collapsed her roof.  Juli noticed the damage while she ventured outside the house and offered her help with choppy, delayed Russian that she was only able to use thanks to her other spirits translating in her ear. Despite the offer, it took the old woman threatening to throw the bracelet away if she didn’t take it for Julissa to be able to accept it. Because of her kind actions, Grigory accepted her right away and formed a pact immediately.


Grigory allows Julissa to make a light cocoon around herself that heals her ailments, but doesn’t work on anyone else’s.

[Fifth Spirit]



Titan is, ironically, a very small spirit. He is, however, quite a fighter, and is quick to blabbermouth and talk smack about people who insult or irritate him. However, and unlike how it usually is, he is a much bite as he is bark and the reason that he has stayed small is so if anyone dares underestimate him it’ll be their demise.


Titan boasts many powers but is actually best in the non offensive ones. His power lets Juli breathe underwater.


Personal Information

A bubbly woman, Julissa is pretty excitable. She retained a childlike personality that mostly comes up when she’s dealing with children – who she likes to play with – or her older brother, Billy, whose personality mostly opposes hers. However, she knows when things must be done and sometimes has to be the responsible one when her ol’ grandpa Raph decides to bail to travel the world. However, she’s not particularly strict and is likely to try and make things into a game so that they’re easier to handle. Not a micromanager, she doesn’t care how things are done, as long as they’re done.

Raised by her father, Julissa has no memory of her mother as she died shortly after her birth. Always a playful, active child, she seemed to always be full of energy and hardly ever noticed just how exhausted her father was after working all day to sustain their family. She spent most of her time with her brother, who learned ways to deal with her end ensure that her chores were done. After her father passed, she lived in confusion, clinging to Billy as her utmost authority. Despite feeling mostly lost himself, he managed to ensure their survival on their own at least for a while.


When her grandfather Raphael caught wind of what happened, he immediately searched them out and brought them to the house, where they were raised in a community effort of himself, his father and his grandparents. The family support helped her get back out of her shell and she developed into a very affectionate, extroverted person. Always an animal lover, and having grown close to the woods in her childhood, it was no wonder when the first spirit she made a pact with was an Earth spirit.


Despite her wild soul, she has never really felt the inclination to travel that her grandfather does, partly because of her love for the house and partly because she can’t see herself leaving without Billy, who refuses to leave the house under any circumstance and panics at the mere mention of it. As such, she never felt the need to get a guardian until recently, when a young, confident fire guardian who she instantly clicked with came into the house. She pacted with him almost immediately and they had a daughter together a few short years after.


Although her grandfather is the one to be in charge of the Earth Wing, since he constantly travels, Juli has taken it upon herself to take care of it while her grandpa is out and about. They share responsibilities during the periods when he stays at the house.

Misc Info: (Anything else that didn't fit in before.)

She has a child with her guardian, a 10-year-old girl named Kelsi.

Dulcedomum - Blaise Redstone by ShadowsAndLight
Dulcedomum - Blaise Redstone

Current Fire Wizard Instructor,
Aids Aristar in teaching new potentials with a Fire Spirit.
Also assists in the Hall of Hexes

General Information

Name: Blaise Redstone
Gender: Male
Height/Weight: 5'11"/165 lbs.
Age: 450 years. 22/December/1582
Wizard Parent: Aristar Redstone
Guardian: Carlos

Spirit Information

Base Element: Fire

[First Spirit]

Name: Big Bear
Element: Fire

A formidable fire spirit who formed a pact with Blaise after wrestling with him and being defeated, Big Bear forgot his name long ago and took up the name that the people of the villages he used to encounter used for him, as unimaginative as it may have been. It takes the form of a giant, red bear. With a grumpy and laidback personality, it’s hard to take orders or do favors for anyone – other than Blaise that is. He does have a soft spot for Blaise’s branch of the family however, and will be more lenient towards them. Although it can speak, it usually communicates with groans, roars and other animal sounds.

Big Bear allows Blaise to cover his body in fire, essentially bursting into flames. His clothes are unharmed after the flames die out.

[Second Spirit]

Name: Balboa
Element: Earth

An incredibly obstinate spirit that was found during a period when the house was stationed by the Rockies, Balboa didn’t take kindly to the human ‘invaders’ and would chase around anyone who as much as set floor out of the house. Rather than move the house in it’s entirely, Blaise decided to try to reason with the spirit to stop the rampage. As it was to be expected, that didn’t go very well and Balboa immediately attacked him. Blaise took the spirit head on –and by head on I mean he headbutted the goat right back, earning himself a concussion, the respect of the spirit and a new pact.

Balboa’s powers allow Blaise to make full-body armor out of anything within the Earth element – from wood to minerals.

[Third Spirit]

Name: Octavia
Element: Water

Although it generally takes the shape of a lady made of water, the spirit is really in the form of a small colony of fish that live within the water and just manipulate its shape to suit their needs. A fickle creature with a short term memory, she first fell in love with Carlos when the house stationed on the Mexican beach she resided in. Seeing how uch attention he paid to the female of his species, she took the form of a water woman and approached him with the offer of a life by her side. Carlos, misunderstanding, interpreted this as an offer for a pact, but she quickly corrected him: as he had not a blood of magical blood in his veins, it’d be beneath her to pact. She just thought he was pretty enough to keep around for her viewing pleasure. When Blaise - oblivious to the conversation but aware that a water blob was attempting, and succeeding, in dragging his guardian to the water – decided to intervene, she turned her rage onto him and tried to drown him in her body. In turn, he burst into flames and the combination of power and shock was enough to overpower them and leave the small fishies flopping on the sand. Feeling bad despite the murder attempt, Blaise returned them to the water and earned himself a pact from the absentminded spirit, who was impressed with his power. Octavia will accept the pronouns ‘she’ and ‘they’.

With an ever changing form and size, her body of water allows Blaise to create great floods.

 [Fourth Spirit]

Name: Nemo
Element: Wind

Found on the Australian coast, Nemo’s first impression of Blaise and Carlos was that two creatures who bicker so loudly can only be absolutely delicious. Having arrived at this conclusion, the only obvious course of action was to eat them - which he did with ease and gusto. It was only after Blaises’s insistent fighting and squirming in his throat (who clings to your tongue and punches you in the throat, seriously?) caused him to throw them up that the spirit was talked into not only not eating them again but also forming a pact with the wizard. Not a very bright spirit, Nemo spends most his time in sphere form around the house, as he’s not small enough to wander the rooms and halls without crushing an apprentice or five. He has tried to eat Teddy in multiple occasions, forgetting previous failed attempts and invoking Chesna’s wrath every time.

A flap of his wings allows Blaise the power of hurricane winds and the ability to make tornadoes.

[Fifth Spirit]

Name: Poe
Element: Light

A light spirit that takes the form of golden quill that is as picky with those that may write with it as it is with its words. It does not speak and writes in the air with light, those that it allows to write with it find themselves only able to write the truth. It is so far the only spirit who hasn’t attempted to murder Blaise in some shape or form before forming a pact with him.

The quill enables Blaise to see through lies.


Personal Information

Personality [Serious] [Impulsive] [Stubborn] [Prideful] [Childish] [Adventurous]

Blaise at the best is a two sided coin and the most you'd see is only one side of it as he tries his best to hide away the more childish and non serious side of himself. He commands respect and is very simpleminded in that everyone should always try their best and hardest if they want to get something down. There's never something one cannot do if they put their mind to it and he'd drive this saying hard into anyone. Being the oldest of Aristar children he has a lot to live up to and takes it very serious and strives for perfection. On another side though is a very childish nature that occasionally slips through his more tough and serious appearance, and has a very trickster nature in playing games and having a good laugh- though this could be seen in the way of training as most of the time it can be rather fun… and extreme. He has a great sense for adventure and enjoys new discoveries and thrilling encounters- though usually leading to him being way over his head.


Born the first child of the last wizard, his arrival was a cause for uproar and celebration. Of course at the same time he had much to live up to, but for the first few years no hardships were put on him as he was greatly loved by his parents.

Blaise didn't have much of an exciting life in the beginning as he had yet to become a wizard and lived a simple life as a guardsman in the small village that he lived with his parents and siblings. He found a nice wife though and settled down with her to begin what his father kept pushing onto him and all his siblings- popping out a few kids. But he'd have to disagree with that as he was very in love with his wife and felt himself very lucky.

It wasn't that much later though rumors spread through the village and word was it that a mighty creature was roaming the forest, he decided to go and see what he could do about it to protect the village. It was then that he met his first spirit. A fire spirit that had taken the form of a giant of a bear. With no spirits to back him up he decided to physically wrestle the spirit into submission and in the end won and through it gained his first spirit, becoming a true wizard. He was so excited that he told his wife of what he had accomplished, but hadn't realized her reaction to it all and terrified of the fact that he was a wizard, packed up and left him. A few months later he found that he had a son and despite being a 'demon' as his wife claimed him to be, she could not bring herself to harm her own child but at the same time could not raise it.

Heartbroken, Blaise set to training himself now and being a more serious person. It wasn't till a few years later, being a guard in Italy this time too, that he met the man that would one day become his guardian. Finding that the tall slick of a man had stolen the one thing to remember his wife with, he set about tracking the thief with fierce determination. Somehow it lead to him continuously having to track down the man as he seemed to enjoy stealing from him. In the end they formed an odd sort of friendship.

KingHush was the one to write all of that text with the exception of the new spirits and Blaise's pact marks. She alsomade Poe, so credit goes to her for all that.

and I decided to sent them out instead of throwing them away. If you're un/fortunate enough to get one of them, don't reply to that address. I've moved twice since that address.


Hateful lady
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Favourite cartoon character: Takeshi Yamamoto or Miranda Lotto/Noise Marie

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